Cultural Program

More than fifteen years’ experience of cultural experience, immersion in the Spanish culture and exciting activities for a semester abroad.

A study abroad experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse in a new culture and learn about one self in the world. For that matter, we consider that benefiting from a large number of social and cultural activities is as important as academic work. Therefore, for each session FSU Valencia organizes unique activities and events, ranging from dinners with Spanish students and exchange conversation meetings to special tours, traditions, picnics & outings.

Becoming part of the Spanish culture is one of our main goals: meeting fellow students, putting Spanish into practice, taking part in local traditions and activities… FSU Valencia strives towards immersion in the local culture, and creates the perfect opportunity for those students that really want to know what it feels to ‘be español’.

But FSU in Valencia also incorporates numerous day trips in the Valencia Community, combining nature with towns of main historical importance; and several week long trips. Fall and Spring sessions include two week long trips to main points of the Spanish geography (Barcelona, Madrid, Pyrenees, Andalucía, Camino de Santiago, etc), while Summer sessions have one. You will know all about the city you’ll learn to love!


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Amandy Murphy

How to describe this person I am now? I just know that I'm better, Valencia changed me for good. And this chica, though no longer in España, is the happiest chica in the world.

- Spring 2012

Eric Oullette

Being in a foreign country with approximately 50 other students is a great way to ease into the college life. Being so far away forces you to grow up and become independent in a short time.

- Fall 2012

Britt Pendergras

My college experience has been enhanced by spending it in Spain. Learning a new culture and language while in a small group setting is a big bonus: it feels like I'm a part of a big family.

- Fall 2012

Kevin Sundquist

Being here I cannot Imagine how other kids start college not abroad. I think this place is an amazing place to begin our college career. It gives us a way to see a different world than the US.

- Fall 2012

Christian Humes

Being in Valencia has opened my eyes to global awareness, a new culture, and new people.

- Fall 2012

William Hart

I am very comfortable in Valencia and the study center is a great place to live because of its many resources. Overall I am very pleased with the decision to come to here for my first semester.

- Fall 2012

Ryan Stipe

It is amazing to be able to walk outside and meet people from all over Europe and the world! I am going to be different from other freshmen when I go back to the states, but in a good way.

- Fall 2012

Arrielle Golan

I have never felt so cared about and accepted for who I am as I have in Valencia. These people are the most beautiful, amazing and genuine people I’ve ever met. They helped me grow so much!

- Spring 2012

Ashton Johnson

My experience here has been amazing. There has been so much to do. I feel it has greatly impacted my life and will help me flourish at FSU.

- Fall 2012

Terry Epps

Even though I may not have left a huge mark on Valencia, it has definitely left a mark on me.

- Spring 2012

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