Cultural Program

More than fifteen years’ experience of cultural experience, immersion in the Spanish culture and exciting activities for a semester abroad.

A study abroad experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse in a new culture and learn about one self in the world. For that matter, we consider that benefiting from a large number of social and cultural activities is as important as academic work. Therefore, for each session FSU Valencia organizes unique activities and events, ranging from dinners with Spanish students and exchange conversation meetings to special tours, traditions, picnics & outings.

Becoming part of the Spanish culture is one of our main goals: meeting fellow students, putting Spanish into practice, taking part in local traditions and activities… FSU Valencia strives towards immersion in the local culture, and creates the perfect opportunity for those students that really want to know what it feels to ‘be español’.

But FSU in Valencia also incorporates numerous day trips in the Valencia Community, combining nature with towns of main historical importance; and several week long trips. Fall and Spring sessions include two week long trips to main points of the Spanish geography (Barcelona, Madrid, Pyrenees, Andalucía, Camino de Santiago, etc), while Summer sessions have one. You will know all about the city you’ll learn to love!