If you don’t know what Fallas is, you are sure to be amazed! Fallas is one of the main festivities in Europe, receiving millions tourists from all over the world and considered as relevant as Oktoberfest or Saint Patrick ’s Day.

Fallas is a passionate holiday that takes all year long to prepare, with events going on throughout the seasons to culminate in an amazing homage to Spring. Monuments made out of wood and white cardboard, that can reach up to 100 feet, compete during a week for the best artistic prizes, transforming Valencia into a living art gallery, brimming with events for everyone: music parades, concerts, street vendors and renaissance markets, bullfight specials, firecrackers and fireworks galore and the final, amazing culmination of Fallas with the burning of all the monuments on midnight of March 19th, the night of Saint Joseph.

It is impossible to describe Fallas accurately: the smell of gunpowder, the branches of the colored lights of fireworks blooming in the night, the non-stop sound of music, the amount of people leisurely walking the streets of Valencia. It is an experience of a lifetime, and gives student a true understanding of Valencia, its people and its love for life!