Andalucía might be the best representation of the unique history of Spain. The Reconquest and centuries of coexistence of three main religions are fascinatingly alive in the cities of Córdoba, Sevilla and Granada. The largest mosque in occident now houses a wonderful cathedral in its forest of crimson columns; the small Jewish quarter’s winding streets are nestled behind the amazing gardens of the catholic kings, built by Arab constructors; the last Arab kingdom of Spain and its red fortress of the Alhambra, with its hidden treasures and fountains.

But Andalucía is not only that. It is also tasty tapas and local drinks, rows of olive trees and rolling hills, the highest mountain range in Spain and the amazing opportunity for skiing and snowboarding… All the main monuments are visited as a group: the Cathedral of Córdoba and its old town; the Alcazar in Sevilla and its third largest Cathedral in the world; the white neighborhood of the Albaicín and the amazing city hidden in the Alhambra. And there is one last thing we are not forgetting: duende and its manifestation in flamenco dancing. Olé!