FSU Valencia strives to engage their students in the real spirit of Spain. And what better place to do that than where the idea of Spain was born? With a destination burrowed in the mountains of the Pyrenees, nature and history walk hand by hand speaking stories about wars, religion and legends. The group is housed in a wonderful hotel in the heart of a small mountain town with all the main facilities, from which students can easily access all the captivating locations in the mountains.

The birth of the kingdom of Aragon is forged in these rocky ledges, where one can find the best preserved Romanic castle in Europe and hike part of the legendary Camino de Santiago, over which pilgrims have been walking for millennia. Of course, the mountain landscapes hide many secrets and offer many fun options for students: rafting, trekking, canoeing and other optional activities are easily accessed – what better combination than breathtaking nature, enchanting history and fun adventures?