Common Areas

The center offers an around-the-clock front desk with staff members who speak English and are constantly available to help students. There is free wireless internet in the entire building and surveillance security system. The residence area is accessed through the reception area. Both areas are separated by a glass door that gives entry to the apartments through the original marble stair case from the 19th century and the elevator.

On the top floor the wonderful terrace can be enjoyed; from which we can see a majestic view of one of the two ancient gates of the city from the 14th century that still remains in Valencia, The Serranos Towers. This beautiful medieval scenery is perfect to celebrate and enjoy different events with students, faculty and staff: music activities, cocktails, cooking contests, and other class activities. The terrace is open for students to relax and sunbathe for some hours a day during summer season.

The Study Center area includes multi-functional classrooms and conference hall space with state of the art technical equipment, a faculty room and administrative offices such as the Student Services Office where students are welcome and encouraged to come with any questions or concerns. All the facilities have been carefully built integrating the archaeological treasures uncovered during renovations, which creates a unique and marvelous learning scenario.