The Academic program gives students the opportunity to earn credits in general requirements, elective, business, Spanish language, humanities and much more (see lists below) while experiencing Valencia, surrounding areas of Spain, and neighboring European countries. Due to our new affiliation with the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and the Universidad Católica de Valencia, students may enhance their study experience by taking business, math, and science courses at these facilities while in Spain with Florida State.

The Spanish college and the local neighborhood setting are both ideal for language study/practice. An optional “intensive Spanish Club” which every student can join, allows students to practice the language and to meet the Valencian people.

Our classes are small, our professors are very student oriented with an interactive teaching styles. The courses are designed to maximize the use of the city as the classroom, and professors are committed to make sure that you learn and enjoy while doing it. Students spend a great deal of their time visiting Valencia and the study center neighborhood and joining in local activities, experiencing the Valencia way of life and immersing in the culture. Fall and Spring students must take either a Spanish language, a History or a Humanities course (These last two taught in English).


Please check out the Spain Broad Curriculum Program website for more information on
important dates, forms, deadlines, fee liability, safety, courses and much more…