About Valencia

Valencia has become the new favorite destination for international students in Spain. The third largest city in Spain, it offers all the exciting events of the capital, but still has a traditional Spanish flavor. Large events like the Formula 1, America’s cup, Benicassim Festival, the Pope’s visit or Fallas, have put Valencia on the map… but Valencian people still enjoy their daily stroll to the market and a good café under the sun!

The city of Valencia is located in the east coast of Valencia, south from Barcelona and east from Madrid, on the Mediterranean coast and very near diverse mountain ranges, like La Calderona, Aitana, La Safor, etc.  It has nearly one million inhabitants and one of the main airports of the country, Manises and is connected by the high speed train with Madrid, in a trip that takes only one hour and a half! Every month, Valencia offers special fairs, traditions and activities, besides having a growing cultural program: theatre, movies, festivals, concerts, promotions and sports.

It offers all the cultural activities and events of one of the larger cities, yet keeps its small town feeling in each neighborhood, with municipal markets, friendly shopkeeper and a welcoming student body.